Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Star Vids: Eminem "We Made You" + Flicks of Flo Rida, Tierra Mari, and Maxwell

Slim Shady is on the comeback tip and has a new video for his first single called “We Made You”:

Flo Rida has shot a video in Las Vegas for the follow up to his #1 single “Right Round” called “Cause A Scene”:

Tierra Mari makes a guest appearance in this one. Kelly Rowland may want to find out who this chicks manager is because she’s everywhere these days…..

And here are a couple of stills from Maxwell’s new video for the track "Pretty Wings”:

If you’re thinking it looks real similar to Beyonce’s “Halo” video, that’s because they were directed by the same person, Philip Andelman.

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coffee maker said...

Sometimes i think Eminem takes himself too seriously, then he comes out with a video like this