Monday, January 5, 2009

Star Events: Tyrese celebrates his birthday.....again.

As if the huge bash in Miami was not enough (click HERE for pics), Tyrese had another birthday soiree in L.A. at Boulevard:


Kenny Lattimore came out to party

So did Akon...and isn't he suppose to be in jail for tossing fans around?

And New York gave me another reason to want to bust her to white meat. How did you even get invited? Moving on.....

Trenyce is that you? Where you been girl?!? I guess being a former American Idol contestant got her an invite. She's looking good though.

And then there was the "Baby Boy" inspired cake. I guess you can never really take the hood out of some dudes. Lol.


Anonymous said...

New york looks a fool. And that cake is extra hood. But Tyrese looks good.

starr said...

was he born twice??

2 birthdays aren't necessary...however didnt make it to tha first one obviously don't care about tha second one