Monday, February 9, 2009

The Chris Brown and Rihanna Fiasco + UPDATES

Everyone knows the Grammy's went down last night in L.A., and of course we will bring you a full recap of the carpet and the show but the Chris Brown story clearly overshadowed anything else that happened last night.

Here's what happened...

First during the red carpet special, The breaking news was reported that there was an “incident” around 12:30 Sunday morning involving C. Breezy and an unnamed female who was in his limo after they left the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party. Everybody knows that Brown attended the party with Rihanna and their is video and photo of them leaving together in a rented lambo.

The female victim had accused Chris Brown of physically harming her and had called 911 to press charges. The police showed up and the victim was said to have visible bodily injuries. At that point, C. Breezy was officially under investigation for felony battery.

Then the Recording Academy released an official statement saying: “We have just been informed that Rihanna will not be attending tonight’s 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards. We’re sorry she is unable to join us this evening."

Later on came a confirmation that neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown were attending the Grammys. While Breezy had not been arrested yet, he was definitely subject to arrest at this point.

And around after 10 p.m. Chris Brown had turned himself in. He was booked and bail was set at $50,000.

Now Rihanna's camp has not released any statements other than that the star is doing "Well." And Chris Brown camp has also refused to comment.

Clearly this will just get a whole lot crazier as the week progresses so we will keep you updated.....stay tuned!


Check out this picture of Chris and Rihanna at the Clive Davis Party:

Now is it me, or does CB look like he wanted to bust her to the white meat for hugging him and faking the funk?

And her they are stopping to get gas not even 30 minutes before the infamous 911 call:

I still can't get over how crazy all of this is. Now there are stories of STD's, another man, another woman, and previous physical altercations.


Anonymous said...

I hope none of this is true

Anonymous said...

Its all true, they are reporting it everywhere

ecrunner said...

He does looked pissed in that picture! Man what a scumbag! I can't believe he hit her and he definitely deserves the ultimate punishment for this one! His career is already over and he'll never get back all those awesome high ratings back!

Anonymous said...

Its because she gave him an STD. Its still not right, but thats what I heard