Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beyonce album updates

We now have an alleged track listing for Beyonce's double disc set. One disc will be called I Am...Beyonce and the other I am...Sasha. As you could imagine one would focus on more laid back tracks and the other one more up-tempo joints (yes I know the idea sounds vaguely familiar). check it out:

Disc 1: “I Am… BeyoncĂ©”

01. If I Were A Boy

02. All You Can’t See

03. Roses And Chocolates

04. Sometimes It Hurts

05. Love Me Not

06. Street To Nowhere

07. Hate To Leave

08. Together

09. God Blessed Our Love (Ave Maria Interlude)

10. At Last

Disc 2: “I Am… Sasha”

01. Lights Out

02. Do A Dub (ft. Kanye)

03. Single Ladies

04. Baker

05. Beat My Drums (ft. Jay Z)

06. Movin’ Aside

07. Freeze

08. Breaking the Rules

09. Mighty King

10. Nightcap’s Lovers (ft. Justin Timberlake)

Kanye, Jigga, and Justin Timberlake are known to kill any collabos they jump on so the album track listing is looking hot!

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