Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ne-Yo thinks R. Kelly was jealous of him

On yesterday's episode of the Tyra show Ne-Yo joined Tyra to talk about his album and his R. Kelly drama. In the very first part of the interview, Ne-yo tells Tyra he believes he got kicked off R.Kelly's tour because fans were responding better to his 30 minute set than to R. Kelly's two hour set.
He also dishes dirt about How R. Kelly has a "code blue" rule that when he walks through the hallway everybody must immediately evacuate. Kelly also wanted to deny Ne-Yo a dressing room on one of the shows tour stops when there were 7 available, and lastly when Ne-yo tried to thank Kelly for letting him join the tour his bodyguards pushed him away like he was a crazed fan.
Check it out on these clips:

Part 1

Part 2

Ne-yo performs Ms. Independent

Dang, I knew R. Kelly had some issues but I didn't realize he was an outright butthole.


lorenzo said...

Lol. Ne-yo better chill out, he know he cant fight.

Anonymous said...

He really put him on blast

Anonymous said...

Tyra messy for asking!