Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beyonce's new movie "Obssesed" - your first look

Last night Entertainment did a feature on Beyonce's new film 'Obsessed', co-starring Idris Elba. Here is your first look at the trailer:

Can't wait for this one to come out, this will be Beyonce's first role involving not a lick of singing. Its do or die for her!


Anonymous said...

I have seen this movie and man lisa
is one crazy lady however beyonce
showed her who's boss i mean common
what kind of lady breaks into a
beautiful home,destroy's everything
touche's beyonce's son almost ending
a happy marriage luckily beyonce
stepped in and showed her who's boss

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with lisa?I know every girl would want to kill her
i mean why would she ruin a mans life especially when he is married
and has a son? No girl would want a
crazy lady touching her son or daughter however beyonce showed her
who's boss and she's the wrong person to mess with.

Anonymous said...

All i have to say is this movie was
fantastic and beyonce know's how
to kick some serious ass.Better not mess with beyonce or she will make you cry,scared and will kick your ass.

Question:Beyonce,did Jay Z get jealous when you were kissing another man in the movie?

Anonymous said...

Beyonce are you going to see the new michael myers movie h2?well i am on my birthday with my boyfriend