Friday, November 14, 2008

Chilli: Destiny's Child is NOT the biggest selling female group of all time!

Chilli from TLC was interviewed by Essence Magazine and said some interesting ish. Check out some excerpts:
ESSENCE.COM: You're part of the best-selling female girl group of all time, and now you've entered the worlds of accessories and skincare.
CHILLI THOMAS: “Thank you for acknowledging that because everyone always credits Destiny's Child as the biggest-selling female group, but it's just not true. You can't count album sales for each solo project collectively and come up with numbers. I love Destiny's Child, but thank you…”
ESSENCE.COM: So what's up with your new music?
CHILLI: “I'm exploring my options and definitely the indie route. Nowadays, record labels want to sign you to these 360 deals, which means that they get a percentage of everything you do whether it's concerts, merchandising. Back in the day, that's how an artist made their money, but artists aren't selling albums like they used to. TLC had a lot of financial issues and I refuse to bind myself to a deal because I know better now.”
ESSENCE.COM: Throughout the blogosphere, folks speculated about whether you, Usher and Tameka communicate. Do you?
CHILLI: “I don't have any contact with her. I have not spoken to her in years. There's no relationship at all between us. I haven't spoken to Usher, either. When people ask whether or not I think she is the reason we broke up, I have no clue what Usher was doing outside of our relationship. When we broke up, it was because it wasn't working out. I later found out there was some infidelity, but he never said who that woman or who those women were, because I'm sure it was more than one.... I never asked. My memory of her was that she was the stylist, because she dressed Usher and I for an event one time..... I think what keeps it alive at all is these [blogs]speculating whether we'd get back together.”
X those who know me know I'm about to read Ms. Rozanda.
#1 Destiny's Child has sold over 50 million albums worldwide compared to TLC's 36 million. Granted their solo efforts are accounted for in that number, but Chilli needs not to forget that all of TLC tried to go solo at one time and failed miserably. Yes... TLC paved the way, but Destiny's Child did a hell of a job finishing what they started. Like Jay-Z said, "If you really put me on, put yourself on then!"
#2 The title "Best selling female group of all time was given to Destiny's Child by the World Muscic Awards, they didn't make the ish up.
#3 If we want to be technical, the damn Dixie Chicks are the biggest selling female group of all time with well of 36 million albums sold...just as a group.
#4 Quit Crying
#5 God rest Left Eye's soul, I loved her!
Ok, I'm done. Lol. Get the rest of the interview here.


Anonymous said...

lol, thats is too funny. You right though

Anonymous said...

You are right, but its not that serious!

that bitch said...

anything dealing with B u on the defense

U screwing her or something? Is that ur boo?

if it wasn't 4 tlc & swv DC wouldn't b around

Anonymous said...

I think the creator of the blog is a huge beyonce fan. The creator did seem a little defensive, I don't think its that serious. lol. but point well made. i guess.

Yolanda said...

I don't think she was crying about it, I think you are crying about it.

blogboss said...

Of course Im I huge Beyonce and Destiny's Child fan, so yall will have to take everything I say about them with a grain of salt. It's not that serious, but makes for good blogging. Thanks for speaking your mind though:) Just know when you talk about my "B" Im going to come for you, so just be ready!

and P.S., Star-Snitch is a pro-Beyonce site. Its just a warning, lol.

Anonymous said...

are yall serious?

Anonymous said...

I think they are

tabatha said...


Anonymous said...

Got this from wikipedia. not sure if its true though

Biggest selling girl groups
Spice girls 58 Million
TLC 55 Million
Destiny's Child 47 Million

Anonymous said...

Haha! I agree that the WMA shouldn't have named DC as best-selling female group of all time because they only came to that conclusion adding all the girls solo sales to the GROUP sales which is just plain stupid. The Spice Girls sold 60million records AS A GROUP and are therefore FACTUALLY the best-selling female group ever. Both TLC and DC are behind them I'm not entirely sure of TLC's sales but I know they are in the region of 50million (being generous) and DC as a group sold 48million. Look it up people! I love all these groups but record sales don't lie and are the only decider of who is "best selling" SG also have the best selling single EVER by a female group (Wannabe) and best selling album EVER by a female group (SPICE)

Anonymous said...

Thank you but TLC is the biggest girl group of all time with over 50 million records.My question is on google on the list of the best selling girl groups TLC sold 45 million but in r&b TLC sold 57 million shouldnt we add all thier sales up.Spice girls sold 75 million ( adding all together) DC sold 100 million and TLC sold 102 million so TLC is the biggest THANK YOU.

anastacia said...

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iMakeBitchesInsecure said...

Actually TLC sold 66mil!
TLC>Destiny's Child. TLC FTW!

Anonymous said...

Um, get your facts straight before U check MS. CHILLI! DC sold 50 million when you count their individual efforts..."COLLECTIVELY" boo boo. Research a little more. AND if you go to Billboards site, TLC has sold more than DC. You are such a hater!

Anonymous said...

Omg. You're so dumb. Why the hell would you add DC's solo sales to their group sales? That doesn't make any sense. The title is best selling female group of all time... GROUP is in the title. It has nothing to do with their individual sales. And btw, T-Boz and Chilli have never even attempted to put out a solo album, get your facts straight. And Left Eye had a successful solo album over seas but the record company did not want it to detract from TLC's album. So the only one who tried and succeeded was Left Eye. Maybe you should get your facts straight before running your mouth. And btw, at least TLC was a real group, they didn't have people coming in and out of their group. It was a real group for 12 years until Left Eye passed. And why would Chilli open her mouth if she didn't know what she was talking about? She would get crucified and called bitter or jealous. Chilli knows what she's talking about, but you don't.

Anonymous said...

None is those girl groups are the best selling of all time. The spice girls are the best selling girl group of all time with 75 million records sold.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! The blogger who wrote this obviously didn't do their homework. According to the R.I.A.A, TLC is listed as the most successful american-girl-group-of-all-time selling over 66 Million albums compared to Destiny's Child 37 Million sold. To date DC has sold over 47 Million albums as of 2012 and that still doesnt compare to TLC's sales. CrazySexyCool alone sold over 22 Million copies worldwide and TLC is the only girl group with a Diamond Certification (One album that sells over 10x.) TLC are only 9 million copies behind the Spice Girls who are the best selling girl group of all time.

Corey said...

*******FACT For Future Reader********

Best Selling Female Group of All Time (Worldwide) = Spice Girls with over 75 Million

Best Selling Female Group of All -Time (Domestically) = Dixie Chicks with over 30 Million

*TLC is the 2nd Best Selling Group of All-Time on both superlatives (Worldwide & Domestically) with 65 Million (Worldwide) & over 23 Milllion In the US

*At the height of their popularity (prior to Spice Girls & Dixie Chicks arrival) TLC was in fact the Best Selling Female Group of All-Time.

******Case Closed*********

Anonymous said...

TLC was the best ...and they deff are #2 as the best selling girl group behind spice girls....DC was good ...but TLC was ORIGINAL and always their own ....The Best to date! ...........RIP :'-)

reeses buttercup said...

Woooow!! i jst googled it and it did say tlc was the biggest female selling group of all time. It also said they are certified diamond by the r.i.a.a. please tell me where dc went diamond. As a group tlc sold more albums than dc. Lefteye is the only member to do a solo album and it did well overseas. Chilli nor t-boz did any solo projects. So please tell me how u count solo projects with collective group sales. I still think tlc is the best group tht ever did it. And dc took notes and did well!! r.i.p. lefteye