Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The "Real" story behind the Atlanta Housewives

Those of you who watched the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta got a little tase of the drama to come. But the Yahoo TV Blog has some additional scoop on their lives before the below.

We were shocked when Kim claimed to be 29, but the bloggers dug in on this assertion and confirmed with DMV records that she is not a lady who lies about her age. We find that
refreshing. However, on-air Kim claims she has been getting Botox treatments for years. Isn't a
29-year-old a little too young for that youth-defying procedure? The big mystery surrounding Kim is her sugar daddy, Big Poppa. Apparently her main squeeze wants to remain a mystery, but the bloggers can't get enough of this story and have uncovered his identity: He is a married commercial real estate developer, well known throughout Atlanta.

Online blogs claim NeNe did the show because she really wants to be an actress, even though she claims to have participated in the show to promote her domestic violence foundation, Twisted Hearts. Reports have also surfaced that our favorite housewife is a former "dancer."

Behind the scenes, Lisa is probably the housewife with the most interesting and sordid past. She was previously married to R&B star Keith Sweat. According to the blogs, she has two kids with him, but they are not featured on the show. It's unclear who has custody of the children. Scandalous! Lisa claims to be an expert businesswoman, dabbling in both real estate and jewelry sales, but she hasn’t always had the success you’d imagine, and she filed for bankruptcy in 2007. Apparently, Lisa has also gone by multiple aliases in the past, including Sharon Millette Wu, Sharon Lisa Sweat, and Lisa Wu Sweat. WHAT?! Despite appearing to be one of the more stable housewives, Lisa apparently got into a huge fight with Kim, who now allegedly has a restraining order against her costar.

Deshawn claims never to have seen her 15,000-square-foot mega-mansion before she walked into the decorated home after it was completed. Wouldn't that be nice?
OK, there isn't much else because, unlike Lisa, this housewife doesn't have such a secretive past.

While Sheree has two children with ex-NFL star Bob Whitfield, bloggers claim she also has a 23-year-old daughter. Apparently in an interview in Essence magazine, she identified this alleged daughter as a "friend." Oh, snap! During Sheree's "She by Sheree" fashion show, we never actually see one of her garments on display. Interesting!
Watch the reunion episode next week on Bravo to see if any of this comes out. Check your local listing.

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