Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Star Tidbits: Usher’s “One Night Stand”, R.Kelly breaks Ne-Yo off, Jay-z speaks on Tierra Marie and Foxy Brown, and Star Jones is on the rebound

The Associated Press is reporting Usher will soon announce details of his “One Night Stand” tour. He said specific dates are still being worked out for about 15 “intimate” venues.
The tour will be fo “ladies only.” Usher had this to say about the event:

“There’s only a few artists that can pull that off. I feel like I’ve had such a connection with my audience. This album, I felt like, was definitely the type of one that was more intimate. So what better way to get up close and personal than to make it all women? The ladies like to see that masculine build…”

A source is reporting that a Los Angeles judge has ordered R. Kelly’s promoter to pay over $700k to Ne-Yo. Superior Court Judge Malcolm Mackey made his default judgment after Georgia-based Rowe Entertainment refused to respond to the lawsuit filed by Ne-Yo. The singer was supposed to earn $785,000 on the 25-date gig, but got booted after the second show on Nov. 15 and only received a fraction of that amount.

Jay-Z is finally speaking out on the comments made against him by Tierra Marie and Foxy Brown:

“As far as Foxy or Tierra Marì, these are people that I have given chances to. It’s understandable that they would be upset, but you got to look at it from my point of view as well. I gave Teairra Marì the same shot I gave Rihanna. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.....You know that stuff is going to happen, eventually it’s going to happen. What I’m happy about is, that no matter what people say, no one has ever said that I am dishonest or that I have taken one dime from them…I’ve never cheated anyone out of a dime. No one’s ever said that, right?”

I agree 100% you either got it or you don’t, you cant get salty Tierra and Foxy….

TMZ has pics of Star Jones giving a little peep show at the US Open:

Her and her new “friend” look quite cozy together…


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