Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ashley Banks...Is that you? The Lena Baker Story, Alicia Keys scores coveted Bond theme

Tatyana Ali has truly stepped her game up the last few times we have seen her. She was slowly becoming a red carpet let- down because for a while it seemed she didn't know what to do with her beauty. But this mag scan featured in King Magazine, and her latest red carpet photos where she hit up the NY International Latino Film Festival are looking fierce. Get it then Ashley, thank God for stylist!!!

In the magazine she speaks on black Hollywood, the music business (she's dropping a new album...which I dont think is a good idea but thats another story) and thug life. Yeah I said it, THUG LIFE.

Tichina Arnold will star in the Lena Baker Story. Lena Baker was a maid who was executed for murder by the State of Georgia in 1945 for killing her employer, Ernest Knight in 1944. At her trial she claimed that he had imprisoned and threatened to shoot her should she attempt to leave, whereupon she took his gun and shot him. The jury still found her guilty, and she became the first black woman executed by electric chair in Georgia.

Cant wait to see this one!

Rumor had it that Amy Winehouse was going to record the theme for the new James Bond film, but we have confirmed that that honor will be given to Alicia Keys and Jack White. The new track, called "Another Way To Die," was written and produced by White, of bands The White Stripes. White also drums on the track. It will be the first theme to feature a duet in James Bond history. "Quantum of Solace" the new Bond film, will hit theatres in November and the soundtrack will be out October 28.


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Pictures Motion...Um blog de imagens ...por que umaimagem vale mais do que mil palavras

Pictures Motion. One blog as of pictures. By than it is to a picture valley more than a thousand words

Marcus said...

The Lena Bakery Story looks promising

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that movie looks good.