Monday, July 28, 2008

Nelly in his undies, Star Vid Lil Wayne "Got Money" Feat. T-Pain, MTB4 Trailer, Chris Brown and Rihanna hit the waves, WTF Donna Summers?

Nelly has signed on to be the new Sean John's underwear coverboy.

Diddy comments “He has the attitude, the swagger, and most of all the physique that our customers can both aspire and relate to. And let’s be honest, all of the ladies out there are going to be thanking us for this campaign.”

When asked about campaign Nelly had this to say...“I have been a big fan of Diddy and the Sean John clothing line for years so when they asked me to work with them, it was a real honor. I hope my fans will enjoy this campaign as much as I did shooting it.”

Let the madness begin ladies....

Lil Wayne has a new video for his single Got Money Featuring T-Pain, check it out:

The making the band step kids are gearing up for another season. Check out their new trailer here:

And Chris Brown and Rihanna decided to rent a few jet skis while taking a mini vacay over the weekend. Chris also chauffeured his boo around the town too...must be nice.

You can see some video footage of the happy couple here

WTF Donna Summers? She is seen here performing in Atlantic City over the weekend. I know you want to re-live your disco diva days, but judging from this pic, I think its you LAST DANCE. No pun intended.


Kayla said...

I cant wait for Nelly to take it off! Donna Summers is a fool for that Barney dress!

Anonymous said...

Chris and rihanna look cute.

Lady Elle said...

Cant wait for MTB4, i heard its gonna be some drama!

Nichole said...

What kind of car are they driving. I know thats not a Charger!

Charles said...

That Lil Wayne video is wack

Anonymous said...

Nelly and David B. about to go head 2 head!