Monday, July 28, 2008

Chris Brown and Ne-Yo double your pleasure, McDonald's Star Candids, Quit Lying Rick Ross!

Wrigley's is tapping contemporary artists Ne-Yo and Chris Brown to remix its signature gum jingles. Chris Brown will sing about Doublemint gum and Ne-Yo will put his spin on Big Red .Wrigley's will host a concert in New York July 29 to unveil the new jingles. Radio station Hot 97 is expected to give away tickets for the show as part of the promotion. An advertising campaign will launch shortly thereafter.

If you check out Chris Brown's video "Forever" from his re-release, "Exclusive (The Forever Edition)" In the beginning of the video he eats a piece of gum and in the chorus sings the line "double your pleasure, double your fun," the long time tag line for Doublemint. Who knew? You better get your money Chris!

Speaking of Ne-Yo, whats going on here?

He was spotted in Malibu this weekend for McDonald’s Big Mac 40th Birthday Party at Project Beach House.
Serena and Common were there too:

And so was Blu Cantrell looking better than my last post. But why do people even invite her to stuff? Is she working on something I dont know about? Anyway...

And Rick Ross need to stop lying. He has been denying rumors that he was a former security guard but somebody has went and got proof. Its ok Rick, we all gotta pay bills. It does kinda destroy his street cred though. The smoking gun has his freakin employment applications, so quit lying.


Anonymous said...

Rick Ross look nasty. who cares what he use to do.

Nichole said...

Something just aint right about Ne-Yo. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Quit posting pictures of Blu Cantrell. She aint nobody.

Anonymous said...

Common was looking so sexy...Serena was ok.