Monday, July 28, 2008

Trina and Kenyon Update, Michelle Williams was engaged?, Batman squishes the Spider has obtained some exclusive photos of the the car accident we reported on Saturday. Here are some details of the chilling event...

"The green minivan ploughed into the front passenger side of this white excursion. Trina and Kenyon Martin were in the backseat of that excursion. Raymond Marin, a witness, saw the accident unfold and was one of the first persons on the scene. He says “As we were coming down from the airport trailing behind the vehicles we see the white car that Trina and Kenyon Martin were travelling in was cutting across and the same time a green van came and they hit each other and they went straight across and one of the children nearly came out of the vehicle because of the impact. It was very very hard and horrifying and hmmm, I still left stunned right now.”But as stunning as it was, Trina got a few minutes later visibly shaken but told me she was unhurt. Trina was asked "Can you tell us anything about what you just experienced?" She responded saying “It was just…I don’t know.”

Glad everyone is ok....

Photos are courtesy of Channel 7 news Belize.

Just a week earlier on July 20, Trina looked awesome while performing in Monroe, LA. Catch the star candids here...

In the next issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, Michelle Williams is opening up about a broken engagement that happened in 2004. Who knew she even had a boo? And we thought Beyonce and Jay-Z were secretive! She details how much time and money she put into the relationship including a $10,000 cell phone bill and the preparation of a house the couple would share. The unamed groom-to-be got cold feet and Michelle broke off the engagement.

Michelle says "I'm not weary of it at all. I do believe there is a particular gentleman out there for me who will come when I least expect it."
I like how she found a way to incorporate the theme of her new album "Unexpected" in her last statement. I see Matthew got you doing that subliminal advertising Chelle'

In only two weeks of release, Batman the Dark Knight has stomped out Spiderman for several titles including:

Highest grossing midnight releaseThe first midnight/early-morning screening of The Dark Knight (USA 2008)

Highest grossing one-day releaseThe Dark Knight grossed $67,850,000 during its first day on release (July 18, 2008) ­ .
Highest grossing opening weekend Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight (USA 2008)
Widest film release ­ single countryBatman: The Dark Knight (USA 2008) was given the widest film release of any movie in history when it opened in the USA on 18 July 2008 at 4,366 cinemas.
Fastest time to gross $100 million The latest episode of the Batman saga earned its first $100 million in record time, grossing $110,007 every minute over the opening weekend (July 18, 2008)

Fastest time to gross $300 million

So I guess we all know who would win in a fight between Batman and Spiderman!

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