Friday, July 25, 2008

Rihanna Inks a New Deal with Circuit City, Kelly Rowland to hit the Silver Screen?

Style Icon Rihanna has signed on for Circuit Citie's back to school ad campaign for an undisclosed amount.

Rihanna signed a deal with the electronics retail chain to be the face and sound of new ads that will begin running next week, reports Commercials will include her latest single “Disturbia” along with clips from the music video, while her image will be featured in online ads.

In addition, a mobile offering, available on, will let users download a free voice tone of the singer and exclusive wallpaper images. Rihanna will also participate in an online chat on Aug. 20.

This time tends to be a stressful time for parents. The idea of leveraging technology to stay in touch with friends and family while away at school is in line with how Rihanna does things on her tours.

~ Troy Yenser, category marketing manager, Circuit City

Ms. Kelly has been keeping busy. Aside from touring and promoting her re-release Ms. Kelly Diva Deluxe, she has also filmed a pilot for a new television series. AOL Black Voices is reporting that Kelly recently shot a pilot for the new travel show on location in Miami Beach. The taping of the show actually began way back in early May. Kelly’s tentatively titled show is “Around The World” and is said to be an updated and hipper version of Lifestyle’s of the Rich & Famous. The show will feature Kelly showcasing the hottest in food, hotels, restaurant and party destinations around the world. Early word has networks very impressed with Kelly’s new show, with Bravo, Style Network and Oprah’s OWN channel having expressed an interest in picking the show up for the fall 2008-2009 season. Nice.


numbear1frmbu said...

I'm not a hater, but everyone is not meant to have a reality show. Hell, my reality is more interesting than most stars. GIVE ME A SHOW. Kelly is beautiful though.

Shayna said...

Rihanna is making that money. She is gonna end up being a mini beyonce.

Anonymous said...

rihanna is everywhere now. Watch out Beyonce'