Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kim Kardashian Kat Fight!

So Kimmy K. was at Carmen Electra's barbeque recently when she ran into Travis Barkers ex wife and former Miss USA, Shanna. Shanna already had it in for Kim but decided to leave and take the high road. On her way out she changed her mind and threw a drink on Kim. Then she started calling Kim all kinds of whores, and Reggie Bush rushed to his girl's defense. Telling her to "watch her mouth". Apparantly Shanna had reason to act a fool because she had text messages saved of when Kim was trying to holla at her ex husband while they were still married. But I bet Reggie is not even worried about it, because we all know he has a piece or two or twenty on the side too.

Peep the whole story here:

Reggie and Kim Kardashian

Shanna Moakler

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