Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scott Storch soon to be Homeless, Omarion cuts his tresses, and DMX not going out without a fight

Hip hop producer Scott Storch may be on your neighborhood corner soon.
His bank foreclosed on his $10 million Miami home earlier this week. He reportedly hasn’t made monthly payments for most of this year, even after borrowing another $170,000 from friends, according to court papers. Storch has also has been sued by an electric company for $11,215 - and a security system installer too! He still owes $17,151 for his state-of-the-art camera network. Storch was known to drive around in Rolls-Royces or Ferraris, spending hundreds of thousands in local nightclubs and keeping a substantial entourage. He even bout Lil' Kim a car when they were dating...somebody wasnt balancing his checkbook.

R&B crooner Omarion was photogrpahed while performing at Ghana's 'State of the Republic Concert' last weekend with Fat Joe. If you look closely, looks like somebody has a taper fade in the back....what happen to the corn rows O?

DMX spoke with reporters outside a Phoenix courtroom after pleading not guilty to felony charges of theft and identity theft. Then this dude plugged his new album, I guess you cant stop the hustle. Let me find out all these arrest have been publicity stunts!

Authorities allege the 37-year-old rapper gave the name "Troy Jones" and an incorrect Social Security number to a Scottsdale hospital in April to avoid paying $7,500 in medical expenses.
The theft and identity theft charges come after months of trouble for Simmons, who also faces multiple charges of drug possession and cruelty to animals in Maricopa County.

He is due in court August 12th relating to those charges.

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