Thursday, July 24, 2008

Faith Evan's New Book, Wanna see Fanny?

The much anticipated Faith Evans “tell all” book is set to make it’s debut in August. Revealed earlier this year, the book which is to detail the highs and lows of the R&B singer’s life is also set to shed light on Evans’ controversial relationship with The Notorious B.I.G. Although Evans’ has been quiet for the most part about the upcoming novel, she does say “My journey has been complicated on many levels. And since I am always linked to BIG, there are a lot of misconceptions about who I really am” of the memoir. From the rumors of an affair with west coast icon Tupac to B.I.G’s rumored trysts with Lil’ Kim, Evans’ book is expected to in some ways close the chapter on years of heated debate about what really went on behind closed doors. In the release for the book the singer says “BIG never got a chance to tell his story. It's been left to others to tell it for him. In making the decision to tell my own story, it means that I've become one of those who can give insight to who BIG really was. But I can only speak on what he meant to me.” According to Grand Central Publishing the 368 page book entitled Keep the Faith: A Memoir will be released August 29th, it is also available now for pre-order through online retailers. Faith's last album “The First Lady”was released in April of 2005 and has since been certified gold.

And for All of you Fantasia fans out there. She will be performing live in Monroe, LA this Saturday. The event will be hosted by another one of my favorite celebs Eva Marcelle (or Pigford for those of you not up on the name change). Fun times...judging from her last televised performance on American Idol, it should be a hoot!

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