Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Star Music Leaks: Cassie, Star Candids: Big Boi, LL Cool J, Prince and Halle Berry

Some new music has leaked from the chick we love to hate Cassie.

Check out Soldier 4 Your Love:

and Official Girl Remix featuring Lil' Wayne:

Im feeling the Official Girl Remix, but not the Soldier 4 love track....nice try Cassie.

Big Boi and LL Cool J hit up MTV’s TRL studios. They both have albums due out in near future. Catch the candids here:

And Prince was spotted at LAX looking a dang fool. But I guess thats just Prince for ya!

Halle Berry was snapped while getting her shop on (as always) in Century City, Cali yesterday. I'm loving the Obama tee!


Quay said...

Halle can do no wrong! I dont like those Cassie songs. LL is always gonna be sexy!

Anonymous said...

I like the Cassie songs!

Laray said...

Prince is that spandex?

Obama08 said...

I love seeing celebs on team Obama!

Pirana12 said...

Cassie was only good for that one song.

Anonymous said...

Prince - No sir

marcus said...

Halle looks great as usual... Prince..WTF?