Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama was snapped while speaking at Delegate Day at the Democratic National Convention. She is still receiving praise for her speech she gave click here if you missed it.

And stars hit up the festivities and the Myspace suite at the convention:

Forest and Keisha Whitaker and Hill Harper were there.

Star Jones posed for the camera.

And Fat Joe posed with the Obama tee.

And be sure to tune in tonight and hear the man himself, Barack Obama, formally accept his nomination and outline his plan for America. The presidential candidate will deliver his speech on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings' famous "I have a dream speech". Jennifer Hudson will perform the national anthem.

To honor Dr. King and the major steps we have taken toward the realization of his dream here is a clip of that historic speech:

Amen Martin.


Anonymous said...

Michelle is so classy. Loves it!

Anonymous said...

What a powerful speech.

Anonymous said...

Star Jones just look so funny to me!

obama08 said...

This is a historic night! Everybody tune in to witness history.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is very classy. MLK lives on!

Marcus said...

Star always looks funny to me.

Anonymous said...

Michelle looks real nice. Nice pic for Forest, Keisha and Hill