Friday, August 22, 2008

Star Vids Spotlight: John Legend and Cassie

John Legend featuring Andre 3000 - Green Light

I have been waiting for this video to drop! I love this song to death...LOL @ Andre, "sometimes ya gotta step away from dat piana"! Hot Video!!! video production is my thing so i'm gonna start rating these videos...I rate it 8 (scale of 1-10) great concept and nice setting!

Cassie featuring Lil Wayne - Official Girl

Wow, i'm actually kinda impressed with the video and the song (she played it safe), good for her (i'm just mad she wore the same pink dress she wore at the BET awards, LOL). And is it just me or is chick lookin kinda Aaliyahish in some of the shots...i swear i had to do a double take on them dance parts! Anyway i'd rate it 7, great cinematography but kind of a dull concept.


Anonymous said...

I love John Legend's video

shondra said...

u right, cassi wus lookin "aaliyaish" lmbo!

Anonymous said...

she don't have nothing on aaliyah!

E'Jae said...

I agree I like Cassie's song and the video. I thought that was the dress from the BET awards. LOL. You can't blame a girl for trying.
By the way, nice blog.