Monday, August 25, 2008

Star-Snitch remembers Aaliyah Jan.16, 1979 - Aug. 25, 2001

On the anniversary of a true loss, we honor Aaliyah's career and her legacy. She truly did impact the world of music and her star still shines bright today. Today we will remember her in photos, video, and in words.

Photos: A small collection of Aaliyah pics

Video: Some of my favorite Aaliyah videos

Aaliyah - Are you that somebody

Aaliyah – One in a Million

Missy & Magoo featuring Aaliyah – Up Jumps the Boogie

Aaliyah – We need a Resolution

Words: Aaliyah Quotes

Aaliyah on image:

"I put a lot of pressure on myself to be true to myself and not let anything else influence me to do what someone else is doing. Being a little edgy and sexy is me. My image isn't a put-on. I'm happy to put over that dark edge in my videos, because it's always been there. I used to wear my sunglasses or have my hair over one eye a lot more when I was younger. [Now] I'm happy with all aspects of myself."

Aaliyah on her dream movie role:

"I would have loved to have played Clarice Starling in Silence Of The Lambs, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's the best adaptation of a novel I've seen other than The Godfather."

Aaliyah on her personality:

"I'm a complex person! It's part of Aaliyah. What people don't know about me is that I've very kind and jovial, but there are also times when I'm very melancholy. When I'm with my close friends and my family--I'm very close to my parents [who are also her managers] and my brother--we laugh all the time.”

Aaliyah on the track “Try Again”:

"When I first heard that track, I went nuts for it!…I felt all the sounds and the beats. When it came time for me to do my verses, I was basically dancing while I was singing. That comes across on the melody. If you're feeling it, then everyone will feel it."
Aaliyah on her music:

"Lyrically, I want things to be different," she stresses. "Very deep. I love deep songs. I admire Stevie Wonder, because he's someone that can take a love song and really put you in a whole 'nother place. I want to touch everybody. I think I'm a sweet person, very laid-back, but I'm also very complex. I want my music and the work that I do to stress that. It can't be one-dimensional."

Aaliyah on New York:

"I love New York,…I'm really happy. It allows me to do what I want to do. I mean, basically, I'm a homebody. I go to the movies or play laser-tag or go bowling. But then I also like to dance. I wanna take salsa classes when I get back to New York. I don't wanna go to a [salsa] club and get out there [on the dance floor] and not be able to really dance."

R.I.P. baby girl, we love you


Anonymous said...

I miss Aaliyah...Its been that long....time flies!

Anonymous said...

RIP Aaliyah!

Anonymous said...

RIP Aaliyah!

Anonymous said...

Aalyah, you are truly missed.

gwen said...

I mis my girl!