Thursday, August 21, 2008

Star Vids: Michelle Williams, Complex interviews The Game, and quit Jocking Jay-Z

I found a couple of random Michelle Interviews. Not sure when they were recorded but they are interesting nonetheless:

Michelle Williams Interview 1

Michelle Williams Interview 2

In other interview News, The Game sat down with Complex Magazine and had this to say about Jay Z:

Complex: So you think if you ever got into it with him [Jay-Z], you’d be his toughest competition.

The Game: I would be the toughest competition he had…well, Nas was his toughest, he didn’t win the war against Nas. Nas dropped “Ether” and that was it. Everyone knows Nas won that beef. But I’ve never lost a beef. Jay-Z, he has chinks in his armor still from that Nas beef. Other than that, we can do it. I’ve 100 percent won all my beefs. Me, LL, Nas and probably only a couple of other cats can claim that. I killed the biggest group in hip-hop single-handedly. Four cats against me and I totally fucking annihilated them, so Jay-Z would be a piece of cake. A piece of strawberry shortcake, my favorite.

Dang, Jigga gives props to Weezy and all the rappers want to come at him now. Simmer down Game...Simmer Down.

Speaking of Jay-Z. Here is one of the tracks he performed live with Kanye West. Its called Jocking Jay-Z. I love the shout out he gives to Beyonce in the second verse "...No it aint pilates, she's just thick..."


shelly said...

Michelle is hilarious, I'm really getting a good vibe from her.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is so real!

Anonymous said...

Love that Jay-Z song

Marcus said...

Gotta love Michelle....


(inside joke***)