Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on Julius "Sho'nuff" Carey

It has been confirmed that the 56 year old character actor did indeed pass away on Tuesday August 19 in L.A. He is survived by his wife Naomi. We first reported news of his death yesterday afternoon.

He had recurring roles on TV shows including "Two Guys And Girl," "Boy Meets World" "Grown Ups,""The District," "Cosby," "Murphy Brown,""It's A Living" and "Duet."
Carry appeared in more than 100 guest roles including "Hill Street Blues" "Jag," "Spin City" and "Moesha."
His most famous performance was as the villain Sho'nuff in the cult pic "The Last Dragon."
In memory of him, here is a clip from the movie "The Last Dragon"


Anonymous said... the clip, not his death.

Marcus said...

Love the

Anonymous said...

Whos the man..Sho'nuff! lol.