Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Star Tidbits: Strahan gets got and Ruben owes a grip

Giants great Michael Strahan and his now ex-wife Jean, have settled their legal battle over how big a slice of his fortune she should get.The retired football star was ordered in January to pay $15.3 million to his ex-wife - but he only coughed up about half and filed an appeal on the rest. Jean Strahan’s lawyer, Ellen Marshall, said her client was pleased with the outcome. “I feel happy that the Strahans were able to resolve their difference and focus on their children,” Marshall said. “I think they set an example for other couples.”
The fight over how much child support he must pay will continue after an appeals court decided the $214,745 a year ordered by a trial judge is too high..

Dang, another one bites the dust….Strahan has been dating Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole who also amassed a fortune during her divorce proceedings. Hopefully he has learned the value of a pre-nup.

MSNBC is reporting that Ruben Studdard has been hit with federal and state property liens for allegedly failing to pay nearly $200,000 in state and federal taxes, according to court records. Studdard, a Birmingham native, owes the federal government $171,920 in unpaid income taxes, according to a lien filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court. He also owes $21,730 in state income taxes. The majority of Studdard’s unpaid taxes stem from 2003, the year he won American Idol, and a $1 million recording contract. He owes $19,581 in state income taxes and $163,836 in federal taxes for the period ended Dec. 31, 2003, court records show.

Uncle Sam dont play Ruben....

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