Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TV One's 16 Sexiest Black Women Alive

16. Alek Wek
15. Beverly Johnson
14. Tyra Banks
13. Alicia Keys
12. Jada Pinkett Smith
11. Janet Jackson
10. Vanessa Williams
9. Iman
8. Angela Bassett
7. Lauren London
6. Paula Patton
5. Rihanna
4. Naomi Campbell
3. Beyonce
2. Gabrielle Union
1. Halle Berry

TV One compiled a list of the "16 sexiest Black Women Alive". Its no shock that Halle topped the list. But I was a little surprised at the rest of the rankings. What do you think?


Jjodunk89 said...

I think there is NO way Janet Jackson should have been #11. It makes no sense... She is Top 5 @ the VERY least. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Janet should have been hire up, so should Tyra.

southbeachgem said...

Gabrielle Union is not prettier than most of the people on the lise

bettyboop said...

Wow Rihanna number 5?

ATLboi said...

Naomi should have been #1!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think :
1. Beyonce
2. Alicia keys
3. Rihanna
4. Helle
5. Tyra Banks
6. Iman

They are so beautiful woman...