Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lisa Raye Drama! - Update

So... as I reported yesterday Lisa Raye' s husband Michael Misick announced that they had seperated. Now a news source is reporting that they got into a physical altercation at their estate on Wednesday night. They both filed police reports and both had to be treated for bite markes (yes bite marks).

LisaRaye had returned to the city to discuss a divorce settlement and her husband would not allow her to stay at the mansion. When she did show up the altercation ensued in front of several other people.

Uhm...Michael may not want to be putting his hands on her before a divorce preceding. Those courts really frown on spousal abuse and she may get a little extra money on top of the millions she's already going to take him for. Good luck yall.


videovixen said...

She better fight him like she was on Player's Club lol.

Anonymous said...