Friday, August 29, 2008

Star Pages: Robin Thicke covers Billboard and speaks on not being able to cover VIBE

Robin Thicke is on the cover of Billboard magazine and inside he speaks speaks on VIBE:

"When I did a recent interview with Vibe magazine I asked, “Why can’t I get the cover? This is a magazine I love. If there’s one magazine that I’d want to be on the cover of, it’s Vibe.” Their response was they don’t have white artists on the cover; that the only white artist they’ve had on the cover was Eminem. I guess if that’s what it is, it is what it is. And I respect that because I live in a house with a black woman."

Thats messed up, I've always said good music is good music and you dont need to be a certain color to qualify it. Then again VIBE has always been true to its black community, I guess they don't want to "sell out"

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Aww poor Robby. He's a cutie too.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about this one, its either way

Anonymous said...

They should have let him be on the cover he has alot of black fans!

Anonymous said...

he has a lot of black fan...I don't think Vibe would be selling out if they did it.

Anonymous said...

robin thicke IS black

Anonymous said...

Robin Thicke is a good artist.