Friday, August 22, 2008

Star Candids: LisaRaye, Denzel Rihanna, Chris Brown, Brandy, and Star Jones

LisaRaye was spotted out and about rocking an Obama tee:

Denzel Washington was photographed leaving a medical center in LA:

Rihanna got snapped shopping on Melrose in Hollywood yesterday:

Now you know where there's a Rihanna, there is a Chris Brown:

And these are supposed to be pics of Brandy "out and about" but everything looks so staged! I hope this was a photoshoot or stills from a new reality show or something. You aint fooling nobody B-rocka....Stop it.

Star Jones made an appearance at the opening night of the Off-Broadway play The First Breeze of Summer NYC yesterday:


Anonymous said...

Lol @ Brandys pics

Anonymous said...

Star Jones looks scary!

poppa said...

that first pic of Star..whoa.

Anonymous said...

Chris Brown looks good